Based in Louisville, KY, Harold Mahan Productions offers wedding DJ services centered around couples’ visions. This talented DJ has been bringing guests to the dance floor since 1996. Owner Harold Mahan is passionate about each couple’s special day. He works with clients to come up with a service that complements the details of their event.

Harold loves using his DJ skills to bring couples and their loved ones together. He also enjoys getting to work alongside his wonderful wife. These professional entertainers share seven children and a passion for great music. Harold understands the importance of quality time with loved ones. He is on hand to craft a positive experience for every guest.

This experienced MC has a few tricks up his sleeve to produce a seamless service. He carefully takes the details of each couple’s day on board. This includes venues, timelines, and song selections. Harold can guide guests smoothly through the events of the ceremony and reception. He has a broad list of genres for couples to choose from to hit the right tone. His collection contains country classics, dance anthems, contemporary hits, and more. Harold can also throw in some party lights to really set the mood. This will make it clear to everyone when to slow it down and when to turn it up. State-of-the-art equipment means this friendly DJ can accompany indoor and outdoor ceremonies. He also has subwoofers for couples who like to drop the bass. A range of other services are available at Harold Mahan Productions. Clients can add an extra element of fun to their reception with a photo booth. Specialty lighting creates an amazing environment for guests. Finally, Harold offers photography to capture each magical moment.